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A Trip to Brighton


After our visit to London last week we headed to the the buzzing beach town of Brighton. This compact city was great fun with it's mix of old fashioned 'seaside'  and its sophisticated cafe culture and exciting bar scene.

The sun was shining as we took a seat at The Tempest Inn on the beach and I had the most delicious Mojito perfectly mixed while my companion Steve enjoyed a cold beer.

We made our way to the Pier afterwards and had fun eating ice-cream and people watching. I was glad of my Salisbury cross body bag as it kept my hands free while I ate my double scoop.

The town reminded me a litlle of San Francisco with its laid back vibe and 'anything goes' atmosphere. Steve remarked how every guy was carrying a bag, whether a backpack or messenger, I guess everyone carries their tech with them these days.


We found the coolest bar which had a fantastic roof terrace 'Bar Bohemia' where we had a great lunch and got talking to Graeme who works as a tour guide all over the UK, we wished we'd met him earlier as he gave us some great tips on how to get the most out of a visit to the UK.  We talked Brighton, music, fashion and life in general, we explained about My Exquisite and he showed a lot of interest in the classic caps we have.

It's a fashionable town Brighton, full of great boutiques in the famous 'Lanes' area, antique shops, fashion, vinyl - so hip! We noticed that smaller bags like our crossbodies are very popular here too, I guess they are practical as well as easy to match to outfits.  

Can we talk about the jewelry shops? The 'Lanes' are crammed with little shops selling jewelry both fine and fashion and we noticed vintage styles like ours are big here as are leather 'rock star' pieces which is something we plan to start stocking because they're fab.


No visit to a Uk seaside town is complete without Fish and Chips on the beach with plenty of salt and vinegar. We sat and munched as the sun went down over the ocean and watched people dressed up for the evening walk by to their favorite restaurants and bars wearing all manner of styles - dressed up, dressed down it's the details that count and the UK is all about the detail - the perfect necklace, the great bag.


We're pretty proud of our current collections but we're always looking, and will continue to keep looking for those fantastic items both you and we at My Exquisite love.

Next week will be our final stop in the UK when we travel to Windsor where the Queen of England lives!

See you then


My Exquisite.

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