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A Trip to London

It's been such a wonderful summer here at the My Exquisite HQ, we've been very busy looking and listening carefully to what you want and like and conclude that you have incredible taste!

Speaking of taste, I've been lucky enough to spend this past week in London and wow! Such an exciting city with so many stylish folk - I've seen polished professionals, hipsters, punk glam  and everything in between - heck, even the waiters look like models!  

Is there anything better than sipping cocktails at an outside table in the middle of a bustling city, just people watching and daydreaming?  I got chatting to a  group of very cool young women in Picadilly Circus - Vanessa, Tia and Lucy who looked so good -I admired Lucy's vintage 'tea' dress which she told me came from a thrift store (or charity shop in the UK) She in turn admired my bag, calling it a 'quality piece of kit' (gotta love an English turn of phrase) the bag was the Berkshire backpack perfect for a day exploring the city.

Heading out into the bright lights of London at night I took my slouchy 'Chelsea' tote,

big enough for my wallet, cell and make-up but not too big it got in the way - another compliment from friends Debbie and Kate who I met in 'All Bar One' great girls, great times, who said the city was unfriendly?

After drinks in a typical English pub, 'The Green Man' it was time to head back to the hotel in a London black taxi for a good nights sleep.

Next morning was a pastry and great coffee down by the river Thames, young families walking by in the sun, pushing strollers with their cute babies. I noticed so many handsome dads were wearing backpacks just like our diaper backpack.



I guess you need to keep your hands free negotiating city sidewalks with little ones and they need to carry even more than I do in my Berkshire.

I've had such a great time in this coolest of cities despite the occasional rain, it's edgy, cosmopolitan, and accessible with touches of great opulence - hey, doesnt that sound just like us at My Exquisite?  

I'll be back next week with more of my adventures in this Exquisite life,

Cheerio for now (as the English say!)

Lisa at My Exquisite.

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