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Behind the Scenes at My Exquisite

Wednesday 8th November saw an early start for the My Exquisite team, we had a photoshoot planned to launch a new collection of jewellery and accessories and there was a lot to do.  Fuelled by copious cups of coffee we packed boxes and bags, made calls and sent emails making sure that everybody involved in the day knew where they should be and at what time, it was a slightly hectic morning and we couldn’t really relax until we knew everything was in place.

Our photographer for the shoot was Jonathan Palmer from Future Creative Solutions, we were incredibly fortunate to secure Jon as he is very busy and much in demand, we were also lucky to be able to book Sarah as our model for the day, we thought she would be great and knew we were correct when she turned up right on time, hair in curlers and ready to get to work.

Sarah was exactly right for the project, she’s a busy mum of two, friendly and approachable with a natural understated glamour, she typifies the My Exquisite style.

Relieved at everybody being ready we headed to the picturesque village of Old Windsor by the Thames and began the shoot in a local café garden, it was a very cold day and Sarah was glad to be asked to wear our Funky Faux Fur wrap. 

It takes a surprisingly long time to take photographs for a shoot like this, it has to be just right and there is a lot of waiting around, discussion and tweaking as well as changes of clothes and accessories, a couple of hours for a handful of pictures but we think the time was well worth it as the results are fantastic. 


The trees look glorious at the moment with their red and golden leaves so John suggested we take some more shots by the trees on the green, poor Sarah shivered in her thin top whilst the rest of us were wrapped up warm but we were as quick as possible and promised her a good lunch would be coming soon, cheekily she asked if she could keep the leather cuff and black leather quilted bag and who were we to refuse, she’d worked so hard.  

Just as we thought the weather couldn’t turn any colder John announced we were done and could we go to the pub now? Great idea, we’d worked hard and a plate of fish and chips seemed deserved,, so we popped into the Fox and Castle and enjoyed a fabulous meal each and possibly a beer or two  

Arriving back at HQ we were greeted by a delivery of jewellery we had chosen for our new collection, as Christmas approaches we had selected several new lines including some boxed sets of necklaces and earrings perfect for presents. 

Diamante Crystal Cuff

It takes a lot of searching, discussion and testing to find the right products and it seems you are impressed with our choices, our Keepsake necklace is proving very popular as is our sparkling jewelled cuff, perfect for the party season 

If you want to see more photographs of our collections follow us on Pinterest and Instagram and keep following us on Facebook for updates, discount codes and exciting competitions.
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