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Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness (and FANTASTIC bags)

In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Perhaps life won’t start all over, just yet, but certainly aspects of life are returning to something near-normal now.

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness (and FANTASTIC bags)

Is it just us, or does Autumn seem to fall – pardon the pun – earlier with every passing year? No sooner are the little ones back to school (well, hopefully - Covid-security permitting) and the last of the blackberries harvested and ensconced in a crumble (enveloped in lashing of hot, creamy custard), the temperature drops, almost imperceptibly, and the leaves start to turn before fluttering their final dance down to the ground.

Back to Life; Back to Reality

In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Perhaps life won’t start all over, just yet, but certainly aspects of life are returning to something near-normal now. Cafés and bars are beginning to open; friends are beginning to meet. How we appreciate what we’ve missed; the things so often we’ve taken for granted.

We love Autumn. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - those crisp evenings; stunning russet and gold landscapes; searching for the first of the conkers; seeing your breath in front of you and then cosying up in front of the fire as the evenings draw in. What do you love about Autumn? Or will you be escaping for some late sunshine somewhere? Maybe, just maybe, it’s even time to start thinking about parties, and Christmas lists, and letters to Santa. Have you been good this year, or are you on the naughty list? What did you do? Hope it was worth it!

S**** C**** is Coming to Town (Soon…)

If you ARE on the naughty list, perhaps you should treat yourself. Heck, if you made the good list, you deserve a pre-festivity treat, too - it’s been a tough year. A little gift to yourself could be just what the doctor ordered. Well, ok, not the doctor, per se. But you know, the handbag and accessories lady. We reflected in our last blog that it was lovely to send a gift to a friend, with a special message, ‘just because’. Now maybe it’s YOUR turn. Have a little look while planning your gift lists.

Bags and Gifts Galore

You’ll be pleased, though not surprised, to see we have lots and lots of new loveliness to share with you. And not just bags, but a rather handsome range for the boys and some suitably exquisite jewellery and accessories. Bags first though…

Take a look at luscious little Lottie. Yes, she’s a practical multitasker, small and perfectly formed. Baby sister of bestselling Charlotte, with an almost-forties vibe and structured Italian leather, with a gorgeous curvy shape and zipper closure. Two interior compartments, an inside pocket for your phone or keys mean Lottie is every bit as gorgeous as Charlotte, simply smaller. And you know what they say about the best things and small packages. At the other end of the scale, meet beautiful and elegant Julianna. Practical enough to be classed as an ‘essential’ purchase, yet sumptuous and beautiful, Julianna comes in four classic colours.

Next up for your delectation and delight we have terrific trio Savannah, Carmela and Aisha. Savannah is a structured grab bag, compact yet roomy enough and in a big, blowsy floral print reminiscent of a William Morris wallpaper, if William Morris drank espresso. A stunner, and a scene stealer. Curvaceous Carmela is a little more relaxed, quirky even, with an equally stunning yet delightfully different bright butterfly print. Aisha was MADE for evenings.  A perfect clutch – with optional shoulder strap - in tiger, leopard, or zebra prints, she’ll go with everything yet remains resolutely on-trend. We would say you are spoilt for choice But do you know what? There’s room in your life, and your wardrobe, for all three.

Present Tense

A purse always makes a perfect pressie and we have you covered there too. Our range has something for everyone – from little Goddaughter, to teenage fashionista, to impossible-to-please (not any more!) mother in law. Our picture coin purses are adorable, and our practical ‘proper’ purses have room for every card you have. Many come with RFID technology, too, to protect your contactless cards.

Our gents’ collection is every bit as exquisite as you’ve come to expect. With a stunning range of preppy and perfect cashmere scarves – from classic and distinguished to bright and bold – there’s something for all the boys in your yard, sorry, life. Add to that the rich brown, high-quality durable leather Gladstone-style travel case, which is simply perfect for a mini-break or a work trip; or perhaps the stylish leather Ridgeback - a bag which can take him from office to airport and back again. Ideal for overnights and business trips, this stunning bag with its vintage styling boasts a plush claret lining, a padded section to protect tech and enough space for a change of clothes and other essentials. With wallets and bags galore, our gents’ range will tick many of the male boxes on your Christmas shopping list.

All That Glitters

Just in time for parties and present shopping, we’ve upped the ante somewhat with our jewellery and accessories ranges. With more of the exquisite bangles, bracelets and cuffs you love, we’ve added some pretty necklaces, too. From contemporary to classic, statement to subtle, these pieces will grace every outfit you own. And some you don’t, yet. We’ve also added an amazing range of bag straps – including a rather fabulous rainbow one. Way to change things up and give a classic bag a new lease on life. While you’re in the accessories tab, look at those beautiful scarves too. “One for you, one for me” isn’t just for sweeties!

A Thank You

We hope we’ve whetted your appetite somewhat, and as ever we’d like to thank you fulsomely for your support of this small business. It really does mean the world. Please keep your Insta tags and messages coming. Keeping in touch is for life, not just for lockdown!

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