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Handbag Blog Post - Spring Flings and Happy New Handbags

Hello and happy Spring!

How ARE we all? It felt as though Spring had properly sprung last week – all blue skies and sunshine, I even had to dust off the sunglasses. However, it seems it was simply a false alarm – in fact, judging by today’s weather, it was some sort of April fool’s joke. Oh, well. We can still appreciate the buds and the blossom, the lighter nights and the promise of warmer days. Soon. Probably…

A Handbag for All Seasons

Why do we think there are only four seasons, weather-wise? Quattro Stagioni is the preserve of pizza and pizza only. There must be about eleven or twelve:

  • Winter
  • Fool's Spring
  • Second Winter <-- we are here
  • Spring of Deception
  • Third Winter <-- or maybe here?
  • The Pollening
  • Actual Spring
  • I’ve got NOTHING to wear…
  • Summer
  • “Ooh, too hot for me this”
  • Fake Autumn
  • Second Summer
  • Actual Autumn

Would you add anything to that list? What’s your favourite season (or, you know, weather stage)? Do you like it cracking the flags or do you prefer a more temperate spring day? There’s also much to be said for a mild autumn day, warm enough to forgo the jackets but crisp golden leaves (and kids back in school!)

Dress Up Days and Nights

It’s not just lighter nights and warmer days we have to look forward to, but finally we’re back to something approaching ‘proper’ normal. Everywhere’s open, holidays are on the horizon and events and parties are filling up the pages of the diary fast. Don’t you just love having somewhere special to go and something to dress up for? And have you any jollies booked? I can’t wait…

Talking of high days and holidays, you may have noticed we have some rather splendid new lines, so pour a refreshing G&T (unless you’re at the office in which case a coffee may be more appropriate) and have a browse. We have old favourites (as always in a tempting pick-and-mix of colourways and finishes) and some fresh new friends.

YOUR New Exquisite Italian Leather Handbag

First up, feast your eyes on the brand-new range of Lapella bags. These are pretty special – and not just because of the classic styling AND practicality. These are real multi-tasking heroes, making them more of a necessity than a treat. Not that you don’t DESERVE a treat, too…

But these are not just some sort of sensible workhorses. They are BEAUTIFUL. Exquisite. Strokably soft, sumptuous, Italian leather rivals any must-have designer or sought-after label yet delivers value-for-money you’ll have to look twice at. Often, it’s tricky to find that perfect bag to take to work, use day to day or even go straight out at night, too. Well, search no more, here she is. All you need to do now is choose which stunning Lapella bag it will be. Thea, for me, I think. No, wait, Olivia. Ohhhh, I just don’t KNOW…

Happy Customers; Happy New Handbags

The reviews make it even harder to choose. But they DO mean you don’t have to take just OUR word for how absolutely ACE these bags are. Here’s what Mrs C had to say about Olivia:

“Seriously nice bag

I am absolutely thrilled with my new bag. I’m so pleased I took a chance on this company and the handbag because it arrived quickly and is even better than I hoped for. Exceptional quality, fantastic size and overall, just brilliant.


Adele was equally thrilled with her Thea:

“Incredibly soft leather

I’m a total bag addict and I have lots of bags from high street to designer and I can honestly say that this bag matches or even beats the quality of my most expensive bags.

The leather is obviously extremely high-quality, and the fittings are excellent. This bag is completely perfect for work or just to use day to day and is lovely looking. I’m delighted with my purchase and will order more from this range.


A Handbag for Everyone

More lovely Italian leather newness came to MyExquisite, in the form of Vernazza and Ravello. Vernazza is a ladylike, elegant piece yet the fuchsia pink and denim blue colourways give an undoubtable edge. Carry by the top handle to exude Jackie O vibes or choose the detachable shoulder strap for versatility. Ravello is equally gorgeous and clearly all our customers agree as she sold out in days. Keep an eye out for new stock. We’ll be in touch…

Our ever-popular regulars remain in favour, too. Lovely little Camila comes in a colour for ANY occasion and though diminutive, can cheerfully accommodate phone, purse, keys and lippy. We LOVE the denim blue which puts us in mind of summer skies or cornflowers. The royal blue is rather stunning, too. Lordy. More decisions. Though, at under £40, treating yourself to two wouldn’t break the bank.

Accessorize All Areas

Have you noticed yet that MyExquisite isn’t just all about the exquisite Italian leather handbags? We also source and stock equally beautiful and luxurious (but, like the handbags, refreshingly reasonably priced) accessories including scarves, leather gloves, purses and recently we’ve added to our fabulous line of sterling silver jewellery. There’s literally something for everyone and to suit every budget.

We LOVE the sterling silver Storm drop earrings. They are a real statement piece yet won’t set you back any more than high street costume jewellery. They will, however, look considerably better and won’t irritate sensitive lobes. Perhaps you prefer a stud style? Our sterling silver Honeybee studs are bang on trend and oh, so SUPER cute, too. There are also plenty of necklaces and bracelets (or bangles) too. Perfect for a present - or drop a hint or two and forgo your Easter eggs this year!

See You On Socials

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Give us a follow and send us a cheery hello. We’ll do our best to reply. And, bonus, that way you get to see stuff first AND get to hear about our offers and drops. See you there!