An Unexpected Artist- The Lucy Hay Collection

Lucy Hay is An Unexpected Artist.

Based in North Wales Lucy is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her, the wildlife and nature fill her drawings and designs with buzzing bees, the families of ducks swimming on the pond, the majestic stag on the hill master of all he surveys.

Lucy’s path could have been very different because of her less than encouraging  art teacher who suggested that perhaps art was not where her talents lay and Lucy believed for a long time that she had no artistic flair until she joined a beginners drawing class in 2016 and realised that actually she did!

Lucy began to design cards based on her drawings, the first being the beautiful sunflower and in that first year sold over 250 through local gift shops and craft markets.

In 2017 Lucy began printing her designs onto scarves...and began to make a name for herself, her scarves proved so popular she decided to source luxurious cashmere blend  for her designs and she now concentrates on creating new, exciting ideas for her stunning accessories. 

My Exquisite were lucky enough to meet Lucy recently and fell in love with her scarves and we are absolutely delighted to be able to offer them to you right here.