About Sterling Silver 

Pure or fine silver is not used for jewellery making is because it is too soft so pure silver is mixed with small amounts of other metals to make it stronger. 

Sterling silver or 925 silver is the best known alloy silver. An alloy is a combination of two or more metallic elements. Sterling silver consists of mainly of silver - 92.5%. The other 7.5% is made up of other metals, often copper. In sterling silver jewellery you will see a hallmark with the number 925. This number refers to the amount of pure silver in the jewellery - 92.5%. 


Caring for silver jewellery 

Although silver is a precious material, it is still sensitive to environmental influences. Over time your silver jewellery may become dull or tarnished. This can be caused by contact with perfume, soap or the acidity of your skin. To care for your silver: 

  • Don't shower, bath or swim with the silver jewellery on
  • Apply perfume, make-up and lotions first before putting on the jewellery 
  • It’s best to remove your jewellery at night before bed and put it away in a jewellery box or pouch
  • Tarnishing is a natural property of silver but is easily remedied by an occasional polish with a silver cloth.