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A Chandler & Eves designed Luck Light - Illuminated Decorative Cube with Lucky Symbols

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The Luck Light by Chandler & Eves 

The perfect addition to any space, the Luck Light is an endlessly fascinating talking point designed to help bring you all the luck in the world!

This illuminated cube is adorned with sixteen symbols of good luck from different cultures across the globe. With a dreamcatcher on the top, you can be sure that any good luck energy generated by the cube will be trapped for your use! And a mahogany button at the centre of the dreamcatcher means you are never far from a piece of wood to touch for that extra good luck boost!

The Luck Light is a real statement piece and its beautiful warm-white LEDs make it look great at all times of day and night. Individually laser-engraved, cut and hand-assembled from high quality acrylic, your Luck Light is not a mass produced item 

Provided with felt button feet and measuring 85mm (W) x 85mm (D) x 105mm (H), the Luck Light will look perfect on your favourite shelf or table or even on your PC. Family and friends will be fascinated by all the ways you can bring luck into your life. Each Luck Light comes with a guide to the luck symbols so you'll know where they are from and why they are considered lucky.


  • Handmade by a Berkshire design company 
  • Size: H: 105mm W: 85mm D: 85mm
  • Battery lights included 
  • Usage: Home office, garden, reception rooms
  • This item is not mass produced- delivery can be up to 10 days 
  • Item arrives boxed