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The one where Becca makes a confession!

By Rebecca Madison September 15, 2017 0 comments

Hi, my name's Becca and I am a bagoholic - there, I said it.

It all started when I fell in love with a Gucci Hobo I saw a lady carrying on the subway many years ago when I was just 19. I looked at this thing of beauty and felt my heart beat a little faster as I took in it's soft leather and bamboo handles, all elegant and pretty - while it certainly came with a hefty price tag it wasn't ostentatious or flashy, they say money talks but I believe wealth whispers.

There was no going back after the Gucci, I started to notice Chanel, Mulberry, Prada and the lust grew and grew though sadly my pay packet didn't grow with my tastes but still I wanted those gorgeous things.

You see a good bag will always fit you, no matter how much Ice-cream you eat. A bag will lift the dullest of outfits -  plain white T and jeans? Add a red handbag and it becomes something else, it can be a statement rather than simply a practical or everyday item.   

I hankered after the Mulberry red backpack imagining myself standing out from the crowd but hey, that price tag! Our Berkshire offers the look but for a much more affordable price.

Berkshire Backpack

I quickly learned though that fashions trickle down from the catwalk and before long a lookalike will appear in the chain stores, some better quality than others it has to be said.

So I went on my own journey to find great quality bags that echo those high priced wonders I coveted so much and have spent much time searching for beautiful bags not only for me but that I want to share with you too.

Hampshire Tote

Our Hampshire bag is very similar in style to a Kors I just saw recently - ours is gorgeous and a fraction of the price, while our studded Sasha echos the front row looks that are right now, the punk vibe is hot - who knows how long it will last? At this price tag it doesn't matter so much - it's a fashion thing.

Sasha Studded Bag

Some styles however will always remain in vogue, Prada will probably always produce practical, roomy day bags and we think our Hampstead is a classic too. It's not 'out there'  but it has a vintage style that has remained popular for a long while, looks great with simple jeans and a sweater and equally great in the corporate office - some things just work and a brown leather handbag will always work.

Hampstead Hobo

These days many of us are watching the small change but yet we still want gorgeous things don't we? A comfortable home, a stylish wardrobe and always, always good accessories.

Come take a look at the things we at My Exquisite have found for you,  join us, we love a conversation, let us know the things you desire and require. We're always listening.

If you love bags as much as we do then here's a discount coupon for 10% off everything in store using the code "AUTUMN10" Click Here for the full collection


Yours Truly

My Exquisite.

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