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We Wish You a Cashmere-y Christmas and a Handbaggy New Year

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others.” Bob Hope.

We Wish You a Cashmere-y Christmas and a Handbaggy New Year

What a strange year 2020 has been. It’s almost as though nothing would surprise us. We’ve learnt a lot this year. We’ve learnt to value home, and friends. We’ve learnt to adapt and diversify. And we’ve learnt to never take anything for granted (let alone loo paper or dried pasta!). One day, hopefully not too far away, we’ll look back on this time like it’s been a strange dream.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

No matter what, we all need something to look forward to, and Christmas was always going to be special – it always is. To quote the incredibly wise Dr Suess, ”Christmas will always be, as long as we stand heart to heart...” Sure, we’ll miss the nights out; the house full of guests at all hours; the champagne and bonhomie of New Year’s Eve. But we will adapt and diversify here too.

There is something magical about Christmas time, regardless of your age, no matter if you have children. Surely, we are never too old to look up and search the sky late on Christmas Eve. Or feel a tingle at the sound of Away in a Manger. Or drive round on Christmas light magical mystery tours. What are your Christmas traditions? Or indeed, your Christmas foibles?

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? There’s still time, don’t panic. We have lots of lovely new goodies which will make perfect gifts. Normally we’d suggest you sink into a comfy chair with a glass of wine and have a browse, but December nights call for Bailey’s hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

Feast your eyes on the cosiest of cashmere scarves (surely it’s the law to have a new scarf for the Christmas Day walk?) and our most wanted new Cartmel collection. As ever we have some beautiful jewellery pieces from contemporary cuffs to antique-look pendants and of course a bag for anyone – the My Exquisite favourites and some shiny new stars of the show. And if you’re done, dusted and all wrapped up, treat yourself. You are SO on Santa’s good list!

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

We’ve talked a lot about the magic of Christmas, and the truth is you don’t need to be under ten, or believe in Father Christmas, to experience it. Edwin Osgood Grover describes the magic of Christmas, and the man himself, thus: “Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy; who gives himself by thought or word or deed in every gift that he bestows.”

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.” Agnes M. Pahro

“Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling.” Edna Ferber

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others.” Bob Hope.

“I don't think Christmas is necessarily about things. It's about being good to one another.” Carrie Fisher

“Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind.” Valentine Davies, ‘Miracle on 34th Street’

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” ELF

Jingle Bells

And to finish, the words of Zuzu Bailey in Christmas Classic, It’s a Wonderful Life: “Teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” Keep those bells ringing and ringing out, everyone. Stay safe, hug those that you can and let the rest know how much they mean.

We’d like to thank you, our customers and friends, for your support this year for this small business. It really does mean the world, and somehow, despite lockdowns and tiers – and even tears, sometimes – we’re entering our fourth year with justified optimism. As we said in an earlier blog, we really have enjoyed hearing from you and being tagged in your Insta posts.

Have a wonderful Christmas and here’s to 2021 – may it be a brilliant, bright new year.